A cocktail event on the terrace of The Calyx

The Calyx from above, in The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

A flower exhibition at The Calyx

Tuesday, 31 October, 6:00 pm–9:00 pm
The Calyx, Sydney

Concluding the core portion of the conference is the Day 2 Garden Party, held at The Calyx, a new must-see, world-class attraction at The Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney, fusing art, theater, and flora. Opened in June 2016 and built around the site of the Arc Glasshouse in the southwestern corner of the garden, the setting is an integrated mix of indoor and outdoor areas, boasting stunning architecture and themed exhibitions. The Calyx is truly a “living” art gallery that houses ever-changing botanic exhibitions, making it an engaging location for delegates to let loose and enjoy a few drinks with colleagues.

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