Note: The Sydney off-site program session details are still to be confirmed.

Whereas cities once concentrated commercial development in a single urban core, or central business distinct, with outer rings of residential sectors, today many cities are embracing a polycentric urban model with regions organized around political, social, or commercial clusters. This model allows cities to grow without unchecked sprawl and keeps essential amenities within close distances to one another. Although Parramatta is as old as Sydney itself, it has seen profound growth in the 21st century, emerging as a viable urban cluster to contrast against Sydney’s CBD. This growth has, in part, been facilitated by the expansion of the Parramatta railway station as well as a consolidation of government offices in the area. This session will examine the history of Parramatta in order to draw conclusions on the concept of polycentric urban clusters. A tour of Parramatta will complement and contextualize the discussion on polycentrism.

Venue: City of Parramatta Office at 126 Church Street, Parramatta
Capacity: 30 Delegates

Wednesday 1 November Schedule:

Morning Program
8:45 am Arrival & Coffee
9:00 am Welcome by City of Parramatta
9:15 am Presentation 1
9:40 am Coffee Break
10:00 am Walking tour of Paramatta ending at Ferry Wharf
11:20 am Take ferry back to Sydney CBD
1:00 pm Delegates arrive back at Circular Quay

Note: Please provide 40 minutes for personal travel time to arrive at Parramatta Town Hall by train, as driving is not recommended. The walking tour will conclude at the Ferry Wharf and a ferry ticket will be provided for the return trip, arriving at Circular Quay at 1:04pm. It is recommended to purchase lunch at the wharf to eat on the return trip.

About This Program Location

Peter Shergold Building, Western Sydney University

About Peter Shergold Building, Western Sydney University

Beginning as an architectural design competition, Peter Shergold Building, Western Sydney University was the first phase of a new master plan for a pedestrianized center of Parramatta. The building is marriage of a six story office tower and an eight level campus building serving as the new flagship location for the University of Western Sydney. A large centralized atrium offers the students an opportunity to move between the floors, creating a vertical campus, while ground floor retail activates the base of the building and ties it into an entirely new promenade running through the block and visually aligned to nearby St. John’s Cathedral. The building is well suited to take advantage of Parramatta’s intermodal transportation network and received a 5 Star Green Star rating from… Read More

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