Tom Gellibrand

Tom Gellibrand

Deputy Program Director for Metro Product and Integration, Transport for New South Wales
“Sydney Metro - Revolutionizing the Way Sydney Travels”
Joe Catanzariti

Joe Catanzariti

Director - Eastern Region, BG&E
“Castle Hill's Changing Urban Density – Castle Towers Expansion”
Geoff Crowe

Geoff Crowe

Principal, HASSELL
“Customer-Focused Station Design”
Note: The Sydney off-site program session details are still to be confirmed.

One of the greatest challenges to all cities, and older cities in particular, is providing necessary transit infrastructure to support high densities without relying on auto-centric models. However, with proper planning and support, transit infrastructure has the power to reshape cities. Yet, balancing multiple construction sites and delivering results at a high speed is a significant burden that is not easy to overcome. Sydney Metro North West offers a compelling example of these challenges, with major construction ongoing at 16 sites along the project, including eight planned or under construction stations. This project provides an excellent case study to understand the challenges, and benefits, of reshaping an aging city through new infrastructure. Presentations will examine the specifics of the project before a tour of multiple stations.

Venue: Sydney Metro Office
Capacity: 20 Delegates

Wednesday 1 November Schedule:

Morning Program Afternoon
7:30 am Depart Conference Venue by coach 1:30 pm
8:15 am Arrival/Welcome 2:15 pm
8:20 am Presentation 1 2:20 pm
8:35 am Presentation 2 2:35 pm
8:50 am Presentation 3 2:50 pm
9:05 am Q&A and Coffee Break 3:05 pm
9:15 am Travel by coach 3:15 pm
10:00 am Cudgegong Road Station Tour 4:00 pm
10:30 am Travel by coach 4:30 pm
10:45 am Rouse Hill Station site overview 4:45 pm
11:00 am Travel by coach 5:00 pm
11:30 am Castle Hill Station site overview 5:30 pm
11:45 am Travel by coach 5:45 pm
12:30 pm Return to Conference Venue 6:30 pm

Note: The start times for this program are earlier than typical to allow for transit to the presentation venue. If you will not be using the provided coach from the Hyatt Regency, please ensure your arrival at the Sydney Metro Office by 8:15am/2:15pm for the start of the session.

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